<p>We take care.</p>
<p>We take care.</p>
<p>We take care.</p>
<p>We take care.</p>
<p>We take care.</p>
<p>We take care.</p>
<p>We take care.</p>
<p>We take care.</p>

We take care.

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Manufacturing companies world wide face the continuous challenge of introducing superior products with shorter lead times and at reduced costs. Within the Loading Systems Group we continue to overcome these challenges, and through improved utilisation of resources, efficient systems and the ability to develop effective partnering with those who share our concerns for quality and programme delivery, we are able to generate added value in line with our client's expectations.
State of the art design facilities, innovative manufacturing solutions, quality project management capabilities and factory trained, directly employed engineers enable us to differentiate and deliver the total package concept. Loading Systems products are made of the highest quality components and installed by experts in their fields, we take pride in the products and services we supply and above all....we take care.

Easilift Loading Systems sustainability
Innovation: We are committed to providing sustainable and innovative
solutions that combine technological performance, cost effectiveness and respect for the environment.

Sustainability: The Loading Systems Group embrace the concept of “life style” thinking in the development and application of our sustainability strategy.




"Thinking in terms of product life cycle is essential in the path to sustainability, we must expand the focus from the production phase to the whole product or system life cycle..."

Rethink – Where an extensive vehicle coverage range is required in ambient areas the introduction of our newly developed electric roller blinddock shelter negates the need for an inflatable shelter with the net result providing savings in respect of capital cost (approx 50% less) and energy consumption (approx 96% less).

Reduce – Significant investment in Solidworks 3D design technology has allowed us to eliminate waste in the construction and installation of our modular pods. The amount of steel used has been reduced by 30%, whilst on site installation time has been halved. (please visit www.easilift.co.uk/page/installation-process)

Replace – We're investigating the use of biological 'Plantohyd' oil within our dock leveller and scissor lift products. The PLANTOHYD S series of oils are based on synthetic esters. They represent an environmentally friendly alternative to mineral oil-based hydraulic oils.

Recycle – Steel is a major part of our insulated door and pod cladding panels. As 23% of world steel is currently recycled this means that the recycled content of a typical panel is 15% by weight.

Repair - The modular design of our dock leveller ensures that damaged components can be replaced at lower cost and with minimal impact on operational down time. For example a front beam badly damaged by vehicle impact can be replaced without the need for cutting and welding. 

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