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Long life span

Loading Systems industrial doors - DHL

Loading Systems ensures that our door panels are protected against corrosion and warping. All doors are manufactured from high quality, galvanised, coated steel coil with a thickness 0.5 mm. By selecting the highest choice of materials we can guarantee the longest possible product life span.

High insulation characteristics

Loading Systems standard overhead door panels are designed with a 40 mm thickness which seamlessly close to ensure an insulation. The insulation characteristics can significantly lower the energy consumption of any building  when installed with Loading Systems overhead doors.

Industrial panel
Loading Systems industrial panel values

Loading Systems industrial door panelThe Loading Systems traditional industrial panel is provided with an in-built thermal break. The tongue and groove design ensures an almost seamless seal between the panels preventing air and water from penetrating through the seals.

Finger protection designLoading Systems panel with finger safe protection values

Loading Systems panel with finger safe protectionLoading Systems offers a “finger-safe” door panel profile which protects operatives from trapping their fingers between the panels when the door is operated.

Extra insulating panel

Loading Systems extra insulating panelLoading Systems extra insulating panel valuesLoading Systems extra insulating panels are perfectly suited for buildings where it is important to have an optimal division between the inside and outside temperature, such as cold storage.

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