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We take care.

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Low energy LED Dock lights

Low Energy Consumtion, High Intensity, Long Life LED Lamps.

85% energy savings!



Prevent accidents and injuries


Service programme

Like any other investment, it should not come as a surprise that a good maintenance regime for dock equipment and industrial doors is an asset. We recommend that maintenance and service intervals happen at least once a year as a minimum, but depending on your operational use there may be a need to increase the maintenance frequency.

A good maintenance regime guarantees and protects the lifetime of your equipment and products, and also minimises the impact of downtime. You can further minimise disruption to your operations by entering into a service contract.Loading Systems service programme

Loading Systems offers you an extensive service programme tailor-made for your own situation. All you need to do is determine which service contract best fits your operational needs. After this you can leave it in our hands and rely on us to care of all your maintenance requirements. Through prior consultation, you can even determine when our service engineers attend your premises. If you need our attendance at weekends or throughout the evening, no problem, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs allowing you to fully focus on your operational management without unnecessary interruptions.  

If you choose a service contract including the Advanced Control Centre option, your loading bay worries are guaranteed to be a thing of the past. Besides benefiting from an extended guarantee period we ensure a quick solution for any loading bay equipment failures, carried out free of charge (please read the service contract conditions).

As such you are ensured of an optimal certainty: you have upfront visibility of fixed prices allowing you to accurately budget for your maintenance costs in advance.

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