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Dock Management System

Loading Systems Dock Management SystemThe Dock Management System, jointly developed by Loading Systems and Traka is a unique, easily installed and affordable solution to prevent an industry problem that has caused countless accidents and injuries.

It prevents vehicles driving away from the loading bay before the dock doors have been safely closed.

How does it work?

There are a number of possible implementations depending upon the degree of management control required, however, in all cases the process will involve attaching the drivers’ vehicle keys to an iFob – an intelligent metal bullet shaped device containing an electronic chip with a unique identification that is then stored in a special electronic cabinet.

Loading systems dock management systemWhen a driver arrives on-site and checks into the transport office, the keys are snapped onto the iFob. The electronic cabinet identifies and confirms which loading or unloading bay is to be used.

The more advanced versions ensure that the dock door cannot be opened until the keys are safely retained in the cabinet and the keys cannot be taken until the dock door is fully closed.

The dock door may then be opened using the existing door control or with an iFob, depending upon the method selected.
Loading Systems Dock Management SystemSystem benefits

An increased safety, security and an improved operational efficiency are the primary system benefits.

The Dock Management System has been designed for installation in warehouses and distribution centres where greater control and flexibility is required and it can easily be retro-fitted to existing systems as well as being specified on new installations.


By integrating the Loading Systems Advanced Control Centre with the Traka Dock Management System a complete warehouse management is created. It creates structure, increases safety and reduced the risk on human error.



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