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We take care.

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Low energy LED Dock lights

Low Energy Consumtion, High Intensity, Long Life LED Lamps.

85% energy savings!



Prevent accidents and injuries



Service as a principle

Loading Systems is one of the European market leaders and pioneer in the field of loading and unloading. The lay-out of loading and unloading platforms has been our specialisation for more than fifty years. Besides providing products, systems and advice in this field, you can also contact us for an extensive range of service programme options.
Loading Systems service

With offices throughout Europe we are always located close by to ensure our expert employees are readily available to serve and advise you. Throughout Europe we have a fleet of extensively stocked company vehicles and expert engineers who are always available for you to ensure quick repairs and maintenance is delivered.


Loading Systems has its origins in the Netherlands. The Dutch entrepreneurial culture and continuous drive to improve is totally embedded throughout our organisation. We are doers with brains, brains we gladly use to further improve our service to you. We manufacture products developed by our own Research & Development and use high-quality technology for manufacturing processes. In this we are guided by state of the art technological insight. We never lose track of the actual application of the products: to ensure an accessible and practical lay-out of your logistic environment. Efficiency, effectiveness, comfortable working conditions and safety: these are our priorities.

We take care

Continuity and accessibility are the key priorities in our service concept. Our aim is to have our products and services support your operational management as much as possible. A total solution for all your needs is what Loading Systems can and would like to do for you!

We take care.

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