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Official opening of Pembroke House - new office for Easilift Loading Systems

On Thursday 19th January Easilift Loading Systems celebrated an important milestone in the history of the company with the opening of her new head office, Pembroke House. The occasion was made even more special by welcoming back to the company the founder of Easilift, Mr Edward Kelly and the founder of the Loading Systems Group Mr. Dick van Wijk who were invited to cut the red tape and officially declare Pembroke House Open.
Together, both Dick and Edward had the foresight and ingenuity to collaborate with each other, when in 1982 Edward started importing dock levellers for the UK market from Dick’s Netherlands based factory. In 1993 this collaboration developed further when Dick and Edward merged both companies to form Easilift Loading Systems.
The partnership and friendship which Dick and Edward developed almost three decades ago provided the impetus to strengthen the position in the industry and today the customer base includes many of the UK’s leading blue chip retail and logistics companies. With a UK turnover of £20m and a combined group turnover of €65m, Loading Systems is now one of the leading loading bay specialists in Europe.
Easilift Loading Systems is very proud of what her people have achieved and the working environment that has been created for the future. There now is a head office everybody can be proud of and Easilift Loading Systems looks forward to further demonstrating the capabilities in the industry by using the latest state of the art technology in the process of developing bespoke solutions for the customers.
The new office provides an ideal base which will enable to continue delivering the growth objectives for the future in a much improved working environment. Pembroke House will help to attract the best people towards the company in the future, and it is also somewhere to be proud to invite customers. This fits with the strategy of being the employer and supplier of choice!!
Despite the well documented global economic downturn, Easilift Loading Systems has continued to increase the market share and has prospered when many other companies are experiencing quite the opposite or even worse they have already fallen into the unforgiving depths of the recession black-hole. The reason Easilift Loading Systems has prospered throughout the recession when many others are experiencing quite the opposite is because of the hard work and dedication of the people.

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